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Owning and operating a business in New York City, be it Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, is no easy task. One of the things people usually neglect when running a business - and this neglect is not purposeful - is the security and safety of private, personal information that is printed on paper. How many sensitive memos are printed throughout the day, week, month, and year? What about material for budget meetings and employee salaries? This is not information you want falling into the wrong hands. There have been instances of employees taking paper work home with them, and there are even stories of paper that were taken from the trash. Sometimes the theft of sensitive documents can lead to trouble for a company. The documents can find their way to rival companies that use the documents against you. This blog isn't being written to scare anyone, but instead to simply remind you the importance of shredding documents in the work place.

Document destruction in brooklyn, or any other city, could potentially be vital to a business's growth and longevity.
Document destruction in Brooklyn is not as simply as buying a single machine to shred papers. There are different machines that each has different security levels. It is important to know some of the possibilities there are with shredding, so you and your company remain safe.

  • Shredders come in three different protection levels.
  • There are six separate material classifications. What type of documents will you be destroying?
  • Shredders have seven different security classes. The lower the security class the larger the shredded piece of document will be.

There are times where higher classes and levels will be more appropriate, but that isn't always the case. It really depends on the sensitive nature of the documents you are shredding. It is possible, with time and care, to piece back together shredded documents from low security classes. If you know you have different types of documents you may want to reach out for professional document destruction in Brooklyn, New York. A professional service will take away the stress of buying machines, working machines, and maintaining machines. Different companies offer different services, so you have options for how documents get shredded. You have so much to worry about in terms of actually running your business, so why not let the professionals worry about the safety and security of your documents?


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