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Reduce Paper, Go Green


The United States is responsible for consuming 80 million tons of paper per year-which adds dramatically to the deforestation problem in North America and global warming.  The paper and pulp industry is the fourth largest contributor of greenhouse gasses in the manufacturing sector, and is the 3rd most energy intensive of all industrial manufacturing sectors. Businesses in America expend a large amount of paper products. The average office employee uses approximately 10,000 sheets of blank paper annually.   Due to green initiates, total paper consumption has declined. Many businesses in major cities have taken up sustainable initiatives to limit paper consumption and waste.  There are many simple techniques that business can attempt to limit paper usages. By limiting paper consumption your business can save money, energy, and resources.

Use More Emails:

Emails have allowed business to considerably increase the speed of communication between office workers and customers. They have also enabled a way to limit the use of paper by reducing hand writing notes, memos, and faxes. In your office, limit paper usage by encouraging coworkers to only communicate through telephone and email.

Utilize the computer:

In the past, all revision and typing work required paper. Now, you can use word processing software to edit documents instead of printing multiple drafts.  During staff meetings, attempt to limit paper handouts by using a projector for a PowerPoint slide show.  Also, change-filing systems from paper to computer based databases. Cataloguing files with computers is much easier organized and accessed.

Limit the need to print

By installing only one centralized printer, employees are less likely to use as much paper. Altering printing behavior can yield a lot of successes for limiting paper consumption. Encourage employees to preview documents before printing to limit errors and mistakes. If an error is printed, do not simply throw out the page, save it for uses as scraps, or hire a company that recycles shredded paper.  On many occasions, documents contain sensitive information that have to be disposed of properly.  By hiring a company that provides document shredding, you can recycle discarded paper instead of throwing into a landfill. Shredded paper has the ability to be reused and repurposed as alternative paper products.  When a company pairs with a secure shredding service you are helping to limit environmental degradation without compromising confidentiality of documents.  By taking sustainable initiatives in your business, you can help to protect both the environment and human heath.

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