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Frequently Asked Question About Document Shredding


Shredding paper is one of the best ways to limit identity fraud.  By destroying documents, criminals are unable to still credit card and social security numbers.   There are many questions associated with shredding paper, and it is important to know the answers. Compiled below is a list of commonly asked questions about document destruction and the services provided by professional companies.

What type of materials can be shredded?

Traditional shredders can only handle paper. Professional companies are able to destroy a wider array of materials. Fabric, plastic, electronics, and metals can all be shredded into confetti-like substance that can never be replicated nor reconstructed.

What happens to paper after it has been shredded?

After the paper has been shredded it is typically bundled and recycled into alternative paper products. The paper is baled, compacted, and then transported to a paper mill, where it is hydro-pulped and converted into paper products.  By hiring a shredding service, you can insure that your paper by products are recycled, instead of deposited into a landfill.

What is considered confidential information?

Sensitive material typically means that a document carries personal information. Some examples of sensitive material are:

  • Sales stats
  • Financial statements and records
  • Personnel files
  • Legal documents
  • Cancelled checks
  • Medical histories
  • Credit card receipts and statements
  • Taxes records
  • Customer lists

The aforementioned list is only a mere compilation of material, of which should be properly disposed. It is important to hire a shredding company to vanguard document destruction initiatives in order to maximize identity safety and security. 

Does paper need to be sorted?

Professional companies can shred all types of paper, even paper that has paper clips or staples attached to it.

Why should I hire a service instead of purchasing a personal shredder for my office?

Quality shredding service is fast, efficient, and trustworthy. With a regular, low monthly cost, shredding service can limit the amount of time spent on disposing documents. In addition, a paper shredding service often offers audit-ready proof of document destruction for your records. Don't put the responsibility on someone who isn't trained to handle paper shredding properly because if you do you run the risk of having it done wrong.

Shredding services are affordable, practical, and easy to obtain. If you aren't currently shredding important documentation, you really need to reconsider. Keep your employees and company safe.


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